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Where Are You Investing Your O&C Budget?
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Time. Budget. Recovery. These are but three of the areas where we strive to make your life easier.

Firensics reports have been called the best in the business, and we believe they are. Our reporting process is designed for fast turnaround to you, with clear layout and language so that you can move on with your claim handling quickly.

At Firensics, we work thoroughly but efficiently on each and every investigation. There are no shortcuts in a proper fire investigation, but by working with your needs in mind we have developed a system that saves you money and prioritizes your budget.

Recovery is the only real return you get from an investigation. Everything else is just covering the bases… at a cost. When you hire Firensics you can rest assured that your investigation dollar is being invested in the right place!

There Are Three Classifications of Fire:*

Incendiary Fires
Undetermined Fires
Accidental Fires

*Proposals have been submitted to the NFPA in an effort to encourage the remainder of the industry, through a change of NFPA 921, to recognize that so-called Natural Fire Cause is not only a subset of Accidental Fire Cause, but an archaic term that should be retired.  A death by Natural Causes is one that is not unexpected, such as from heart disease, cancer, or old age, though even that cause listing has itself died off in the medical profession.  But fire – other than the incendiary type – is unexpected, even in the case of a lightning strike.  And that is indeed the very definition of an accident.  A fire whose cause is known but is not incendiary, is an accidental fire.  At that point, the issue of responsibility can be addressed, whether lightning was involved or not.

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